Our Adoption Timeline

This page was created to track and journal our adoption timeline.

12/03/10  Met with GWCA staff at their headquarters in Austin, Texas

12/04/10 Attended a Waiting Child Seminar.  Met with Waiting Child staff and received lots of info regarding adopting from the Waiting Child list, what to expect.  Great resource.  Also earned 3.5 Hague hours.

12/06/10 Filled out the formal application and submitted it to GWCA

12/07/10 Received confirmation that our application has been received and is being reviewed.

12/10/10 Call from GWCA, our application has been accepted and our contracts have been mailed.  YAY!

12/14/10 Received contract from GWCA.  Signed and Fedexed back. Home study set for January 14th. Dossier prep…here we come!

12/16/10  GWCA received my contract and sent me their 67 page dossier preparation guide.  After reading it, the dossier prep does not seem that bad.  It is basically pushing paper, getting the correct documents signed, dated, notarized, certified (by the Secretary of State) and authenticated (by the Chinese Consulate).

Jan-Mar – Met with social worker to prepare our home study.

03/30/11 Home study complete!  Will receive notarized copies in the mail.  Then to send that and the other documents we are holding below, through the round of certifications they need.  Hope to be DTC within thirty days! (<<<Yeah right…that was wishful thinking!)

04/05/11  Sent I800A to USCIS

04/08/11 USCIS received paperwork and mailed notice.

04/08/11 Documents rejected by SOS, need to re-generate.

05/17/11 Documents re-generated and sent back to SOS for authentication.

05-18-11 USCIS Fingerprinting Appointment in Metairie.

05/20/11 Last Dossier documents Fedexed to courier to walk through Houston Chinese Consulate for authentication.

05/23/11 Call from our agency.  They have a match!  Reviewed file, had doctor review file with us, are convinced this is our son!

05/24/11 Letter of Intent and other documents sent to agency for them to upload into China’s system for review and preapproval to adopt our son.

05/31/11 Received Preapproval from China to adopt Alex!  Received last dossier documents back from China Consulate courier.  Still waiting on I797 to complete our dossier.

06/10/11 Received I797 from USCIS (it may have been earlier, we had our mail held for 5 days during vacation)

6-13-11 Fedexed 797 to Secretary of State (it took two days to get there even though I paid for overnight! ARGH!  Found out the truck broke down on its way to Shreveport, they did not charge me for the return Fedex)

06-14-11 Signed LOI for Meng. On her birthday! She is four.

6-16-11 Received Fedex back from Secretary of State with I797, put it back in Fedex envelope and send to MyChinaDocs to be processed Rush through the Houston Chinese Consulate.

6-22-11 Received I797 authenticated by consulate.  Copied and Fedexed our entire dossier to our agency for review.  We should be DTC 6-24!!!

06-24-11 DTC!!!!!!!!

07/05/11 LID!!!!!!!!  (Today, July 11, we received word from our agency that our LID is 07/05.)

08-11-11 Agency called.  They have our LSCs for Meng and Alex!!!!!!  Will be stalking Fedex.

08-12-11 LSCs RECEIVED!!!!!!!!!!!

08-15-11 Fedexed I800 — waiting again.

08-16-11 Received text that USCIS Lockbox has received our package.

08-19-11 I797 issued notifying us they received our package and forwarded it to NBC for processing.  We should be waiting between 2-4 weeks to get the approval.

09-1-11 I800 approval.

09-12-11  NVC Cable!  (Fedexed all documents to Great Wall)

09-20-11 Fedexed our Chinese Visa Applications to Great Wall for processing.

09-23-11 Chinese Visas sent to Consulate for processing (estimated date of return October 4th)

10-07-11  Received China Visas in our passports from Houston China Consulate

10-11-11  ARTICLE 5 delivered to CCCWA! (YAY!)

11-9-11  We have TA!  Our Travel Approval has arrived!!!!

11-14-11 Confirmation of CA for 12-7.  We are leaving on 11-22! Wow! Time to pack!

Our schedule:

Travel Schedule:

11/22 – Depart US

11/23 – Arrive in Beijing , if you’re participating in the tours on 11/26, tours

11/26 – Fly to Nanchang if you’re skipping the Beijing tours (you would depart the US on 11/25)

11/27 – Gotcha Day!

12/02 – Fly to Guangzhou

12/03 – Medical exam/TB Test in Guangzhou

12/07 AC appointmentOath Taking Ceremony

12/08 – Family goes to AC to pick up passport with visa at ~ 3:30 pm

12/09 – Departure from China

 12-09-11 Upon arriving in the Detroit Airport, our two became U.S. Citizens!

(It is interesting to note that on 12-10-10, GWCA notified us that our application had been accepted and processed! We have been on this journey for exactly one year!)

List of Documents to Gather/Create:

__X__  Application Letter to CCAA (Notarized)

__X__ Steven’s Birth Certificate (Notarized by issuing entity)

__X__ Andrea’s Birth Certificate (Notarized by issuing entity)

__X__ Marriage Certificate (certified by Clerk of Court)

__X__ Medical Forms Re each parent’s state of health signed by a physician (Notarized)

__X_ Steven’s Employment Status Letter (Notarized)

__X_  Andrea’s Employment Status Letter (Notarized)

__X_ Financial Statement (Form filled out and notarized)

__X__ Andrea __X__ Steven – Police Report: Parish Level (Notarized)

__X__ Original Passports

__X__ 3 Copies of Each Passport (NOT notarized)

__X__ Andrea – 2 Passport Photos  __X__ Steven – 2 Passport Photos

__X__ 6-10 Family/Lifestyle photos.  Photos of interior and exterior of the house.

Documents Sent to Secretary of State for Certification:

__X__  Application Letter to CCAA

_X_ Steven’s Birth Certificate

_X_ Andrea’s Birth Certificate (Received from the Georgia Secretary of State)

_X_ Marriage Certificate

__X__ Medical Forms Re: each parent’s state of health

__X__ Steven’s Employment Status Letter

__X__  Andrea’s Employment Status Letter

__X__ Financial Statement (Form)

__x__ Police Reports: Parish Level (State Level is attached to home study)

__X__ Home Study

__X_ TRUE COPY of CIS I-797 Approval (Notice of Favorable Determination)

Documents Sent to Chinese Consulate in Houston for Authentication (Already notarized and certified):

_X_  Application Letter to CCAA

_X_ Steven’s Birth Certificate

_X_ Andrea’s Birth Certificate

_X_ Marriage Certificate

_X_ Medical Forms Re each parent’s state of health

_X_ Steven’s Employment Status Letter __X__  Andrea’s Employment Status Letter

_X_ Financial Statement (Form)

_X_ Police Report: Parish Level

_X_ Home Study

_X_ TRUE COPY of CIS I-797 Approval (Notice of Favorable Determination)

Extra Documents (no notarization or authentication):

__X__ Dossier Cover Sheet

__X__ Client Contact Sheet

__X__ Home Study Adoption Agreement

__X__ Post Adoption Verification Statement

___X_ Family Photos

__X__ Passport Copies

Sounds like fun doesn’t it?


2 Responses to Our Adoption Timeline

  1. Jason says:

    I would like to locate a person who is expert in assisting with the assembly of scrap books – this would ideally involve a color scanner for certain items, too.

    Can you help me out in this???

    In anticipation of your response….

    Best Regards,

    • perpetualrenovator says:

      Are you in the Central Louisiana area? I only do it for persons whom I can meet face to face and who live in my area. If not, I am sorry! There are many people out there who do make scrapbooks. You could probably locate someone in your area if you checked out the Scrapbook websites.

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