Gotcha Day and More

Ok, so, we finally were able to recover some of the Gotcha Day video. Unfortunately, it is not very good. The DVD was badly damaged and if that wasn’t enough, our 7 year old was the videographer (all in all I think she did a good job!!), so please keep that in mind and don’t say anything ugly or rude. This is when they brought us Lillian right into our hotel room. We were completely taken by surprise because were supposed to meet them in the lobby. While we were talking to Lillian’s nannies, Alex was right outside the door. Unfortunately either we did not get any footage, or it was damaged. I don’t have any footage of receiving him or his nanny (who did not stay very long). Next it is them screaming in the hotel, which is what they did a couple nights. It was hard. But, we expected it. Then you can see us at the Civil Affairs office and Lillian saying final goodbyes to her nanny and the orphanage director. It was very sweet. I have a couple more clips were able to recover and I will probably post them to Youtube soon. Without further ado, here is the video on Youtube…..

Forgive the crazy scrolling message. I did not want to commit to this program ruining the DVD.  I hope that technology increases and that maybe in the future we will be able to recover more from the DVD or at least a better picture.  The DVD was scratched to bad that we had to send it off to a company to resurface it.  That helped us retrieve a little.


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