Family Picture and Life Lately

Our First Dressed up Family Picture!
Our dedication service at our church was this past Sunday.  It was an opportunity for all of us to get dressed up and take a famiy picture.  I cannot remember if the photographer at my brother’s wedding took our picture as a family or not.  We took so many pictures I can’t remember now.  To take this one, I had to set up the tripod and hit the button….then I would run (in high heels no less) down to the end of the porch and yell at everyone to smile.  It only took 6 such unladylike displays before I got this picture. My neighbors probably thought I was crazy.
Alex and Lillian

We are not doing anything mom

A couple random stories.   We are still getting to know our kids and just enjoying them.  Lillian came with a bottle from her orphanage and they told us to give it to her when she cries at night.  I did that while in China, but once we got back home, she had already chewed the tip off.  I got a sippy cup and she bit that in half too.  I became scared that she might choke and I also felt that she was just a little too old for a bottle at night (she is four and a half years old), so I took it away from her.  When we went to the dentist the other day, he pointed out that her front teeth do not “close”.  That they stick out in front and asked me if she sucked her thumb.  I told him about her bottle and that I took it away.  He agreed with me that it was not safe nor good for her teeth.  So, anyway, we have had several, several nights of Lillian waking in the middle of the night crying asking for her “drink”.  It pulls on my heartstrings and I hate to see her upset.  Anyway, yesterday, I looked all over for her sippy cup and couldn’t find it.  I sent Vivian to look for it and then I asked Lillian where it was.  Lillian shrugged her shoulders like she didn’t know.  I got another kind of sippy cup and gave her something to drink with dinner.  All day and I still couldn’t find it.  Anyway, fast forward to bed time.  We put the kids to sleep and Lillian cried a bit and then all of a sudden, all was quiet.  Steven and I were laying in bed listening to Lillian and Alex talking to each other, then we heard a noise.  Steven decided to get up and go check on them and guess what he found?  Lillian in bed with her sippy cup.  She hid it somewhere in her room so she would have it at night.  Sneaky little girl!  Very smart too.  Steven took it away and OH MY, heartbreak!  I am hoping that she will start to self comfort and cope another way and not be dependent on her sippy cup.  
This morning, I was lazing in bed.  I didn’t feel like getting up.  I heard the kids up, they were playing in their room.  They came in and told me good morning and kissed my forehead…so cute!  Lillian likes to pat my head and giggle and kiss my cheek.  I guess they wanted me to get out of bed, cause Alex grabbed the covers and pulled them down and Lillian said “Mama, Finished Night Night” and pointed for me to get out the bed and put her hands under my shoulders like she was going to roll me out the bed.  It was really funny.  When I got up and put my slippers on, they jumped up and down and said “Yay!  Mama!”  They are cute.  The next thing I did was make coffee….

Nap time!


Bed head!

All right, on to do homework.  Blech.  Then we are going to try our hand at painting a canvas.  We shall see how that goes.

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2 Responses to Family Picture and Life Lately

  1. KT says:

    My daughter from Yugan also had a bottle for a long time. I don’t know how long, I adopted her last March at age 7, but she has said she had a bottle on the day she came to me. My daughter’s teeth were all rotten, well, all but 4 six-year molars, which had to be filled. On top of that, she said she didn’t have a toothbrush in China. Thankfully, when I visited the orphanage, I brought a suitcase full of toothbrushes and toothpaste, vitamins and socks. My daughter later told me that she’d only had one pair of socks and they had holes in them. In my daughter’s case, keeping the bottle so long probably saved her life. She needed the constant liquid nutrition due to the intestinal condition she was born with. Of course, here in the US it would have not been an issue as she would have had surgery as a baby.

  2. KT says:

    My social worker would tell you to let her keep her bottle, but if she is biting the tip off, it’s definitely not safe. The teeth can be fixed, but choking to death cannot. I don’t envy the position you are in. Perhaps you can compromise and give her a sports bottle of water at her bedside at night or limit her bottle drinking to only while in your arms.

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