I think it’s funny when….

Alex gets into a barking contest with the dogs

Lillian and Alex call Sparky (pocky)

Alex saves everything in his pockets and you find it all in the dryer’s lint trap

They wave and talk to people on TV because they think they are on Skype (hahaha!)

Tell me “good job mama” and clap their hands even if I perform the most mundane of tasks

When you say the word bath, Lillian immediately strips down and runs naked through the house to sit in a dry bath tub….waiting on me to catch up and turn the water on (we are very careful when we say that word! You better be ready to run a bath pronto!!!)

Lillian walks in somewhere and does the beauty pageant wave because she just knows that everyone was waiting for her to arrive!

Alex tries to smile using his teeth for a picture and looks like he is in pain….lol


About perpetualrenovator

Preservationist, lover of all things old, scrapbooker, mom and wife. Questions? Email me at: Awarren1802@gmail dot com
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