Alex and His Shoulder

I know this is quite a jump from my last post.  To be honest with you, when I got home, I was tired! I was tired of blogging, I was tired of pictures, I was just tired in general…lol.  I have been promising to post on the days after we landed back in the U.S. and what the kids thought about Christmas…I may do that soon….I may never do it at all.  It just depends on if I get the time after chasing these two and because of our multiple rounds of doctor appointments.

Which brings me to this post.  I got a call today from Alex’s pediatrician.  He got Alex’s shoulder x-rays and was amazed.  What is Alex’s shoulder/limb deformity?  I guarantee you that you will be as surprised as I was….his shoulder is dislocated!!!! Probably at birth. So, for three years this baby has walked around with nothing more than a shoulder dislocation…OUCH!  We are being sent to an orthopedic specialist to figure out how to get it set.  He will need a lot of PT and OT, but I am sooo glad that it is not something super complicated.  He will be a new boy!  He won’t know what to do with both arms working!  On the other hand, it makes me so sad.  He has sat in a special needs orphanage for three years, he was abandoned by his birth parents…for what? A dislocated shoulder.  His parents either were not able to get him care, or they thought it was a severe deformity.  The doctor who took x-rays in China must not have been too bright.  He said it was a missing growth plate…..hmmm….

Anyway, I am just amazed that this poor boy has walked around with a dislocated shoulder for so long.  That is nothing here in America.  Wow…I have had my shoulder dislocated!  I guess since it happened at birth, he had no way of knowing something was wrong.

Well, off to chase after the kids…until next time!



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2 Responses to Alex and His Shoulder

  1. KT says:

    What great news! I hope that setting it and getting it to stay in place won’t be difficult.

  2. perpetualrenovator says:

    As an update, we actually found out, through a CT scan that it is not dislocated at all. It apparently is nerve damage. We will find out more soon.

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