Ready To Come Home!

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I did not post pictures yesterday, but we visited a beautiful garden. I posted some pictures in the slideshow above.  Alex would not get out of the stroller to take a picture so I took a picture of the stroller and all!  Several people wanted to take pictures with Vivian and she refused and I don’t blame her.  However, they followed us around the garden like the paparazzi and it was very annoying.  They would all try to snap a  picture when Vivian turned her face their way, which aggravated Vivian and she would hide.  It irritated me because we were trying to enjoy the garden.  I told Vivian, after we amassed about 6 followers, that if she would just take a quick picture they would all go away.   Vivian still said no, which is her right, so we moved through the garden with an entourage.  It was very interesting.

Today was our consulate appointment.  It was a very easy ordeal.  We raised our hand and took an oath that the statements in our Visa applications for the kids were true and correct to the best of our knowledge.  We were all dressed for a picture, but we were not allowed to take a picture inside or outside of the building 😦  So I did not get a picture of all five of us together on the momentous day.  I wanted to take one this morning first thing while we are were clean and fresh, but as we stepped out of the elevator, they were loading the bus…phooey…  I always wondered why no one ever posted consulate pictures.  Tomorrow when they pick up the kids’ visas, we will also get a Hague Adoption Certificate that we are told we will need in order to file our taxes for 2011.

I had an asian lady approach me this morning. She was from Hong Kong.  She told me that she saw all of the adoptive families in the breakfast room with their new children and she said it touched her heart.  She started to cry.  She told me that many women come to Hong Kong to have their babies and then abandon them their.  Or, she said, that they come to Hong Kong and leave their disabled child there because they cannot care for them.  I was touched that she was talking with us.  She took a picture, with my permission, of our two kids and said she would send me a copy.  I gave her Steven’s email address.  Then one of the ladies that we were traveling with (who is full of misinformation…I have not blogged about that because I don’t know who will happen upon my blog…but, all I have to say about that is – some people should NOT travel internationally) told me that I should not give out my email address to the asian people because I could be hacked….  OK!  Thanks lady.  Whatever!  Hehe…she also told me to not go on the tours that our agency set up because the local people make you bow down to Buddha….hahahaha…she was full of stuff to say.  I hated to inform her, but we had already visited 3 temples and viewed the Buddhas and the buildings were very beautiful and there was no forced worship.  Besides, the place that we were about to visit was the Chen family temple, which basically meant it was their family home and there were no worshppers at it.  But, that was too much to explain to her.  I hope she never lands on my blog….I could say a lot more.

Tomorrow we will get on the train to Hong Kong, stay the night and then fly out for the good ole USA on Friday!  We can’t wait!  I am ready to be home.

Things I learned:

1. A redhead in China is an extreme commodity

2. All coffee is instant

3. A hot pot, plus noodles, plus a bowl = dinner many nights!!

4. It is not easy to feed 5 people with varying appetites, tastes and preferences

5. McDonalds is great the 1st night, but after the fourth night, french fries and double cheesburgers lose their flavor.

6. Lillian Xiang Xiang always wakes up at the crack of dawn happy

7. Alex likes to wear ponytails, owns an umbrella and likes to wear Vivian’s boots

8. Everything matches in China.  Black and brown go together and just about any other color combination that you can dream up! 

9. Luggage grows…it multiplies somehow or other.  We came with 3 suitcases and we are leaving with 5 plus  6 carryons…geez!

10. Lillian Xiang Xiang cannot take a picture without throwing out that peace sign


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2 Responses to Ready To Come Home!

  1. Amy Scroggs says:

    Yes, feeding many is VERY difficult! Viv’s a cutie, and the red hair does add to the cute effect. A happy girl at the crack of dawn is better than an unhappy girl at the crack of dawn… Count it all blessings!!! Love you, hope you have a safe trip, so happy for you on this wonderful trip of a lifetime, SO glad you guys are coming home!!!

  2. MMMMM says:

    Congratulations! We have traveled with our red-headed children. In Los Angeles, I was surprised how many Asian strangers asked to take pictures with our kids.

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