XiangJiang Safari Park Guangzhou, China

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Yesterday, first thing, we went to have the kids’ TB tests read on their arm.  I didn’t like how Lillian Xiang Xiang’s looked.  It was raised.  We called our guide and she told us that they most likely will want an x-ray.  I started worrying because I was hoping that she was not ill or had TB and also worried that we would miss the safari park.  I knew the kids would love it.  We showed up at the clinic and, sure enough, it was big enough for the technician to want an x-ray.  It was very quick though.  The man took the x-ray and it popped up on the computer a minute later.  Her lungs were clear!  Thank goodness!  They sent it on to the consulate for us and we got on the bus to go to the XiangJiang Safari Park.

The park was beautiful and we saw many animals that you don’t get to see at home.  Xiang Xiang was not impressed at all.  Alex pointed at the animals and had a good time.  Vivian wore this purple shrug type thing she bought last night and she looked like she belonged at the safari…a purple flamingo or something.  Feeding the giraffes was really fun.  I have great video footage of that.  Both kids did it.  Xiang Xiang had more fun.  Alex was hesitant, but after he saw everyone else doing it, he had to do it too.  But, when the giraffe licked his hand, that was it for him!!!!

Later that night he tried on Vivian’s boots.  I guess he figured if Lillian Xiang Xiang can do it, than he can too!  Hehe….

Well, off to breakfast.  Lillian Xiang Xiang is an early riser.  She got me up this morning at 4:45.  It is now 7:20 and she had told me ‘let’s go eat’ in Chinese at least 3 times.  So, I guess I better get myself together and take her downstairs to eat.  Alex just woke up and he is sitting in my lap.  This is the only time he lets me hold him, in the morning.  He is not a morning person and I think he needs a couple hours and a couple cups of coffee before he wakes up…like me.  I look down at his feet and he must have gotten up and put Vivian’s boots on again…hehe…  So funny. We will have to get both kids a pair of boots.

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