Sunday in Guangzhou

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This morning we did much better at getting on the bus on time…no accidents …no problems!  We all ate and decided to take the tour that our agency set up to see the Chen Family Temple.  Some went to church, but I was really worried about having two toddlers and not being able to keep them quiet.  From my understanding there is a Catholic church and some other type of church on the island that the Chinese government has allowed.  They are both “registered”.  Anyway, we decided to go on the tour instead of trying out church out of respect for the people attending.  I am sure they did not want to hear two restless toddlers screaming the whole time.

When we went down to breakfast this morning, I had Alex, Lillian Xiang and Vivian.  In this hotel you have to swipe your room key before it will allow you to use the elevator.  So, I got in, swiped my card and hit 2 (for the breakfast buffet area).  The elevator door opened, I got out and was confused.  Nothing looked familiar.  Then I realized that we got off on the 4th floor.  No one else was on the elevator but us.  So, we got back in the elevator, I swiped my card again and I hit 2.  The doors open, we step out and it is the Lobby on the ground floor.  I got out shaking my head and grumbling “stupid elevator, doesn’t it know where the 2nd floor is?  I never…”.  So, we get BACK IN and as I swipe my card, I notice that Lillian Xiang Xiang is on the LEFT side and as soon as I swipe my card she hits a button….AHHHHH!!!!!  They had floor buttons on either side and the elevator will let you out on the floor that you pressed right after you swiped your card.  Silly girl….

After we visited the Chen Family Temple, we walked through the streets of Guangzhou.  It was interesting.  I took a few pictures.  They really do not do justice to the experience.  We also went through a pet market where they had dogs, turtles, cats, etc.  It was a lot of fun.  After we did that, we climbed flights upon flights of stairs to get some lunch to bring back to the hotel.  It was a place that did not advertise.  Apparently it was connected to a boarding house where a lot of workers live and eat.  If the proprietor put out a sign or advertised, then they would have to pay taxes or something or other.  So, we went to some nameless food place that was not a restaurant to order lunch and take it to go.  It was very good!  I fed a family of 5 for $8!  Where else can you do that?  I like our guide, Kelly, she knows where to go.  She also brought us to do laundry and some families had two large laundry bags full and it cost less than $20!  That’s what I am talking about!  I had a few shirts cleaned for the kids.  We are running out of shirts big time!  They are still a little messy with forks.

I know I had some other cute stories but I am soooo tired. We just came in from walking.  Everyone is napping BUT me.  So, I am going to say goodbye and take a nap!

Things I learned yesterday and today:

1. Pulling up a pullup is 100% different for a boy than pulling one up on a girl…(SORRY ALEX!)

2. They do serve dog here at a restaurant in Guangzhou

3. Vivian has lots of fans in Guangzhou!!!  I even had some take a picture with me!  Vivian started covering her head…lol..poor thing.  One guy stood there and videotaped us.  He is in the slideshow above.  Have you ever just videotaped a stranger?  What do you do with it?  Go home and play it for your friends? 

4. Alex DOES NOT like ice cream. No way, no how.

5. Lillian Xiang Xiang LOVES ice cream and giggles and coos while she eats it.  It is sooo funny!

6. When you order fried noodles, this dish’s interpretation is completely up to the chef.  I think I have ordered fried noodles for the kids every place we go and I have not had it the same way twice.

7. Dried seahorse apparently makes a really good soup.  I have pictures above.  Never thought about doing that!

8. Make sure you use the restroom at your hotel before you head out to see the sights…you never know when you will be ushered down a dark, dank, wet and very smelly hall to be shown a squatty potty.



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2 Responses to Sunday in Guangzhou

  1. Carol says:

    At Jon and Elaina’s shower last night, many of your friends here told me they were stalking you online and following your journey! We all pray for you and wish you safe travels all the way to home.

  2. Lillians hand on Alex’s face: priceless! I love S. Viv with her hat over head during pics and checking out the live critters. It looks like yall are enjoying the country there a little more. Everyone looks laid back and happy. Maybe laid back is not a description for Lillian hehe…happy with their family(: is Steven Alex’s favorite person? Did the little ones touch the puppies in the market? Just wondering what they thing of dogs.
    MUST BE CAREFUL with pullups and zippers Mom. Corbin still says every other week, be careful with my zipper mom. It wasn’t even me. I LOVE LOVE reading your blogs. Can’t wait to see you guys home. I love yall! oh, glad the medicals went ok. I read about expected findings. Love your babies no matter what. It’s all in Gods hands.

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