Thursday in Nanchang

City of Nanchang, Jiangxi Province




Lillian Xiang Xiang likes waffle fries.  Eating lunch at Pizza hut.  She likes the crust of the pizza but not the tomato sauce.


Alex is really enjoying his pizza…lol


Apparently lemons come in a glass of Coke.


Our guide Michael playing with Alex XiaoNan.  He is so great with the kids. 


Michael playing with Lillian Xiang Xiang.  She thinks he is someone else.  When she first saw him she greeted him by some name.  He told me that she thinks he is someone she knows.  Michael has been an awesome guide!

Ok, here is the list:

Things I learned about China today:

1. You are not supposed to tip at a Chinese restaurant.  It is offensive. Supposedly it implies that the  employer is not a good one and does not pay well enough.  If it is a western restaurant, restaurants in a western hotel, or bellhops in a hotel, it is ok to tip. 

2. You are not supposed to tip the taxi driver.

3. They already issued Lillian Xiang Xiang her National Spitting Card. (We will work on having this revoked as soon as we are back home)

4. There is no such thing as paying for different brands of items or clothing you buy in one place.  If you buy something that is made by Calvin Klein, you get a voucher and have to bring it to another part of the store to the cashier where you pay for your item, then you take your receipt back to the counter and they will wrap it up for you.  This was quite tedious when we picked out one dress from one manufacturer for Lillian Xiang Xiang, two different shirts for Alex and a Thomas the Train DVD set in Chinese.  I made three trips to the cashier.

5. When motorbikes are tired of waiting in traffic, it is perfectly acceptable to use the sidewalk to bypass all of the car traffic and almost hit pedestrians.

6. Xialang (ooh-long) tea is REALLY good.  Alex thinks so too.

Well, Steven needs to use the laptop to log in to work and do some reports.  My post is short, but we have not really done much today.  Still waiting.  Our paperwork was picked up at the Notary and we have a translated copy of our adoption paperwork for both kids.  It was delivered today.  However, there were typos in ours, so Michael is going to pick it up tomorrow morning and have it corrected.  We get on a plane tomorrow at 7 p.m. and arrive in Guangzhou to do our U.S. Consulate paperwork and appointments.  So, another boring day tomorrow.  The whole adoption could be completed within a week if you were able to get appointments back to back.  But, this is China and there are waiting periods and it seems that things are not exactly standardized.  We will get our kids’ Chinese passports tomorrow before we board the plane so they can travel with us.  When we get to the U.S. Consulate, they already have the Visa requests we processed months ago, so they will put a entry Visa sticker into their Chinese passports this next week.  We are going to try to go to the zoo or the Safari Park, to fill some time next week.  We were so bored this week.  It was very hard keeping two toddlers bottled up in this tiny room.  It is SOOO tiny!  I am glad they have a playroom on this floor.  It is too windy and cold outside to do anything or to take walks, so we have been a little cooped up.  It is nice to have other adoptive families here because the kids can go and play together.

Steven also posted some better pics of today on his Facebook page.  I only had my phone to take pictures with while my camera charged.



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2 Responses to Thursday in Nanchang

  1. Was wondering when y’all would head down to Guangzhou. Guangzhou was my favorite city that we visited. The weather was warmer, and that made all the difference. Hope the weather will be warm for y’all, too.

    Love keeping up with your journey! It is truly an experience of a lifetime. Love the things you have learned about China. Makes me laugh everytime. Unless you have been there you have no idea. 🙂

    Safe travels and happy landings,

  2. KT says:

    I was definitely ready to leave Nanchang when we did, but I loved Guangzhou so much I still miss it. I highly recommend the Safari Park. There’s nothing like it anywhere. When I’m in China next time, I’m going to spend at least two days there. The zoo is rather depressing, not great enclosures for the animals, I’ve been told.

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