Wednesday in Nanchang

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Well, it has taken me over an hour to get my pictures together to post. I have a very bouncy four year old in my lap and she has changed my toolbars, won’t stop tickling me and wants all of my attention. So….here is the slideshow of pictures from yesterday. We did not have any appointments. It was cold and very windy. A huge change from 68 degrees and hot like the day before. Lillian Xiang Xiang HATES wind in her face and Alex does not like to wear a coat, gloves or hat. Lillian Xiang Xiang looks like an Eskimo because she likes all her clothes on while Alex thinks less is best. In the pictures you can see that Lillian Xiang Xiang is showing brother how to order up room service. In another picture, we caught Alex touching Vivian’s foot so we showed him how to tickle her foot. Not be left out, here comes Lillian to tickle Jie Jie’s (older sister) foot. We visited the Teng Wang Ge park today. It had five floors where you took the elevator to the top and then walked down each floor viewing the art. We were told that it is the Place of Beauty. The top floor had a small stage with musicians in traditional dress playing various Chinese instruments and clay bells. The next three floors all looked the same, they had calligraphy and Chinese writing, the bottom floor had a place where you could dress in the traditional garb and take a family picture. Since I had to carry Lillian Xiang Xiang up several flights of stairs and back down again, my back was killing me and I just had a seat and waited for the rest of our group to catch up.

Even though Lillian Xiang Xiang is four, emotionally she is very much a baby. She has a bottle that she will not go to sleep without and she likes to be held a lot. Umm…I am not sure who weighed her at the orphanage, but I can almost bet that she weighs….nevermind, let me check…..yes, I weighed her and she is 30.6 pounds! Wow! She is short, but she is my chunky monkey. Alex woke up crying mama…so he is now sitting in my lap. HUGE difference from having Lillian Xiang in my lap. He is sitting here quietly munching on a rice cake. Speaking of rice cakes, in the pictures above I took a couple of Lillian Xiang Xiang getting three packs of rice cake crackers and giving one to Vivian, one to Alex XiaoNan and keeping one for herself. I thought it was cute. She loves to share.

Well, I guess I better get dressed and go down to breakfast. I have been down to breakfast every morning when they open the door at 7. Lillian Xiang Xiang is too busy in the morning for our little room. She is so energetic…loves to tickle and play with your face, sit in your lap, etc. I have to take her downstairs to spend some of that energy. She is wiped out by 7 pm and sleeps well. They both have slept well. Yesterday Lillian Xiang Xiang woke up whimpering, not crying, but still grieving a little. This morning she popped right out bed all smiles and told me Ni Hao! (hello!). Every day is getting better. Yesterday when Lillian Xiang Xiang was driving me crazy in the afternoon, I took for a walk and went to the store to buy noodles and a little bowl so they could have something to eat for lunch. They don’t eat much else besides noodles and eggs…sometimes rice. Anyway, Alex was very upset that I was leaving and hollered mama…over and over. I felt bad, but I could not take both of them and I wanted him to learn that I would come back. So, after the store, I came back in the room and picked him right up to show him that I would always come back for him. There is a picture above of both of them in the bathroom while I am fixing my hair. I cannot leave or go potty without them right outside the door knocking saying MAMA! MAMA! And they don’t just say it, they SCREAM IT! Lol….

All right…kids are restless…we are getting dressed to go to breakfast, if they are open yet!

We are visiting XiangHu Park today at 9:30 and nothing else is on the schedule. I am so glad this floor has a playroom, I don’t know what I would have done without it. Our room is too tight quarters for all of us to be in it at all times. Let’s see what the day brings!



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3 Responses to Wednesday in Nanchang

  1. KT says:

    It sounds like all is going as well as possible. Your daughter sounds like a pistol. My Yugan daughter is, too, in a great way. My daughter was like a little baby in so many ways, yet very, very smart, as it sounds your daughter is. Once you get home, I think you’ll experience some of what I did with my daughter, it was like having a newborn develop at warp speed. I loved the stages and have been glad I got to experience them with her.

    Your little son sounds so tender. All you are doing will help him feel safe soon. It looks like you are doing everything “right” according to the adoption experts.

    I hope you continue to enjoy your stay in China. Do you mind telling what agency you used?

  2. Carol Wilson says:

    I am loving seeing the smiles on Alex’s face! I am so glad they both know who Mama is!

  3. Amy Scroggs says:

    Wow! The updates are beautiful!! They seem to be opening up and showing a lot more personality. Sounds like they are starting to get the “whole family” feel…

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