Calling America

You know when you find your child talking on the phone, you “who are you calling? The kids in China?” well today I saw Lillian Xiang Xiang pick up the phone in our hotel room and start chattering, I thought it was cute so I grabbed my camera to take this picture and on the other line I heard a voice….lol….she was talking away to whoever it was. Maybe she was talking to a kid in America….maybe she was ordering room service….I guess I will find out soon if she did. I have another Vivian on my hands…hehe




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Preservationist, lover of all things old, scrapbooker, mom and wife. Questions? Email me at: Awarren1802@gmail dot com
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3 Responses to Calling America

  1. She is looking at you like “excuse me I’m on the phone Mom”!

  2. Amy Scroggs says:

    Or asking you what you would like to eat…

  3. Carol Wilson says:

    Or Nanny and Nana said they hope you do not mind lots of toys!

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