Vivian’s Fan Club

Vivian is getting a lot of attention. Yesterday there were only a couple people who were brave enough to take a picture of us. However, today, several people asked our permission to take a picture with Vivian…some didn’t. I found it amusing and after about the 5th person to take ours or Vivian’s picture, They kept telling Vivian that she was beautiful. I started taking pictures of them taking pictures of us. Here are a few:

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Vivian thought it was fun at first, but after a while it got really old and she frowned in some of the pictures…then, in the late afternoon at the Great Wall, she started running from them…hahaha….at one point she was chugging up the Great Wall with two ladies behind her screaming “Daddy, they are trying to take my picture…ugh!”. It makes me wonder what they do with the pictures of random strangers. Do they print them up and put them in frames? Do they keep a photo book and show their friends? It is just interesting to me.

Anyway, I will post pictures next of what we did today.



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