Tianamen Square, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall

I am wiped out. We walked all over Beijing today. Here are a few pictures from our day. We met up with the other Great Wall families this morning. Most of them arrived late last night. There are 7 families (including us) all together in our travel group. Two other families are adopting two children like we are. One family is adopting a six year old girl. I have not talked very much with the other 3 families to know about their adoptions. Tomorrow, we have to leave the hotel at 5:15 a.m. to catch our in country flight. Tomorrow, all of the families fly to their child’s province. We are traveling with one other family who is adopting from Jiangxi Province as well. In fact, their son who is 4 is in the same orphanage as Alex. We are not sure when we will meet our kids. We think that it will be in the afternoon/evening. We just know it will be tomorrow. We will spend this next week in Jiangxi Province, city of Nanchang, doing paperwork and clothes shopping, then we will fly to Guangzhou and spend next week there doing our Consulate appointments. We will meet up with the other 6 families in Guangzhou. Vivian made a friend today. A little girl who was adopted 4 years ago. They are so cute playing together! We are going to try to go to the Safari Zoo in Guangzhou and bring all the kids. I think that will be a fun experience.

I am TIRED! No funny stories today. If some of this does not make sense…I am sorry. I did post Vivian’s fan club pictures earlier. That was my cultural experience of the day. Steven has some more great photos of people taking pictures of us and some other things that he found interesting. He is posting those on Facebook.

Good night all! If I am not wiped out tomorrow night after we get the kids, I will post some pictures of all of us together. So excited!

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