Trying not to stress!

Well, I am very excited!  There is nothing like pulling out fluffy little girls skirts and cute little boy vests to make you all squishy inside!  hehe.  This morning, I was tired of studying, so I pulled out our suitcases, the gifts for our guides and such in China, clothes for the kids, pullups for night time, medicines, snacks, you name it…and put it all in a pile in my room.  I am not sure how we are going to get all of this into three little suitcases…WOW!  Our agency pointed out that traveling to China you can check two suitcases per person and they can weigh up to 88 pounds.  HOWEVER, they further pointed out that for the two in-country flights we have, that you can only have ONE bag and it can only weigh 44 pounds.  So….that means, we need to each only have on suitcase.  If we did bring two, what would we do with the second one when we flew from Beijing to Nanchang?  Then we have to fly from Nanchang to Guangzhou.  We will just have to make do with one bag each.  The good thing is, since we will have two more traveling back, Alex and Meng will be allowed to have their bags and we can check two per person going back.  So, we are going to pack as light as we can, buy some of what we need when we get there, and pack all our souvenirs and such to come back home.  Sounds like a plan!

Well, as of this writing, I have 5 quizzes to take in one class, and a final.  Two of my instructors scheduled their finals for the week I get back.  I really wanted to take them before I went, but, I guess I can’t have everything my way.  They told me I would have until the 14th to take the exam.  I just hope I have half a brain when I come back and can remember enough to pass the exams!

Well blog peeps…I am on my way to bed…my brain cannot handle much else!



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One Response to Trying not to stress!

  1. Patti says:

    This is it! You are going to China!!!!!! Enjoy every moment and can’t wait to follow along!

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