CA confirmed and OFF TO CHINA!

Wow…ummm….I am in….shock!  We received confirmation of our Consulate Appointment today.  It was set for 12/7!  So, that means we leave one week from tomorrow!  I thought for sure, considering the mass amounts of TAs that were issued, that we would not travel until the last week of November!  I am surprised to see that we got an appointment so soon!

Sigh….this means, I have 15 chapters to read, 15 corresponding quizzes to take, one research paper to write, one discussion board to research and write regarding the Peoples of Nacirema, 3 powerpoint presentations and corresponding quizzes AND 3 finals!  WOW!  Do I feel overwhelmed (NODS HEAD JERKILY)….yeah!

Not to mention, we got to get packin’!!!!  WOW!  So….blog peeps…family…I will not check in until it is time to go!  I will be doing homework.  Don’t be surprised if you do not see me until we get back on 12-9!!!  Lol…I will be busy!

ALSO!  Good news comes in twos today!  We received our much longed for update on Alex today!  He seems to be doing well.  He received our package and family pictures.  They sent his measurements, what he likes to eat (meat and things with flour…haha), they say he is social, likes to be comforted and plays with cars!  So glad we have his measurements.  I will be able to bring some clothes that will actually fit him.  It seems that he and Meng are going to be about the same size, even though they are a year apart.  Lots of people are going to ask if they are twins…I see it already!

Here is our travel schedule:

Travel Schedule:

11/22 – Depart US

11/23 – Arrive in Beijing , if you’re participating in the tours on 11/26, tours

11/26 – Fly to Nanchang if you’re skipping the Beijing tours (you would depart the US on 11/25)

11/27 – Gotcha Day!

12/02 – Fly to Guangzhou

12/03 – Medical exam/TB Test in Guangzhou

12/07 AC appointmentOath Taking Ceremony

12/08 – Family goes to AC to pick up passport with visa at ~ 3:30 pm

12/09 – Departure from China

Well…off to drink lots of caffeine and get my homework done.  Love you all.  Thank you for being with us on this journey!


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2 Responses to CA confirmed and OFF TO CHINA!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Congratulations! Eeek about the homework though! 🙂

  2. Stacy says:

    Congratulations! Safe travels and happy, homecoming. Stacy

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