While we wait…a Vivian story….

Well, we are right at 4 weeks of waiting for TA.  Not sure what is taking so long.  Our agency said they have been getting some weird packets back with TA for people who have waited 7 days, 10 days, 14 days 20 something days and 30 days!  No rhyme or reason at all!  I guess since we are pushing thirty, we should hear something soon…sigh…

In the meantime, we are most certainly not lacking for entertainment.  I usually post my Vivian stories on our other blog, but I thought I would pop it here while I have no other TA news to post.  Many of you know that Vivian is redheaded, very literal, definitely a rules person and speaks her mind unashamedly….(sound like someone you know…besides the red hair?)  Generally, when she speaks her mind, she is not being rude, she just thinks in black and white, an absolutist. 

Yesterday, I was interpreting for the deaf in the morning church service and there was a stir over where Vivian was sitting.  I was not really sure what was going on, but I trusted that the people she was sitting with was keeping her in line, so I didn’t worry about.  After I was finished, I went and sat down by Vivian.  All of the deaf people were signing and trying to tell me that Vivian said something to the lady behind them and they didn’t know what it was, but it caused them all to laugh.  Apparently, the lady behind Vivian leaned over to Vivian and said “I want your boots!” and Vivian looked at her and said “Thou shalt not steal” and the lady looked at her and said “Well, can I at least borrow them?” and Vivian said “Thou shalt not covet”…oh my….when I heard that…I wavered between humiliation and hilarity….I was trying hard not to laugh.  From what I am told, Vivian said it with a very straight face and was not being rude…but, oh my!!!!  LOL. 

If I get TA today…I will shout it from the mountaintops!  Until then….more thumb twiddling…..



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