Playing With My Camera

I took a basic camera course at LSUA this past Thursday.  I learned some good things about portrait and landscape photos.  The teacher was excellent and gave me some great things to keep in mind while photographing the Great Wall in China next month.  I also learned some neat tips on taking potrait photos.  Practicing, I took a few pics of Viv this morning.  I have to admit, I don’t notice a huge difference.  I will have to play some more before my eye can really perceive a difference.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I plan on practicing some landscapes soon if I get a chance.  The teacher at LSUA also offers 1 hour private lessons where he shows you to take a specific sort of picture.  I am thinking about scheduling a session and having him show me how to take landscapes.  Maybe the Dairy Barn in Pineville would be a good case study.

So excited!  Great Wall here I come!!!  I can’t wait to take pictures of my babies!



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