I really shouldn’t complain.  Waiting does have its benefits.  We are able to pull off one more fundraiser while we wait…it will be a silent auction at the end of the month…but, geez, I am ready for traveling!

We sent out I800s off for both Meng and Alex.  We are a little over two weeks into that process.  I think it generally takes around 30 days or so to get approval.  Maybe we will hear something in that regard in the next 10 days or so.  I told Steven to start filling out forms (I delegated the Travel part out to him.  I am tired of paperwork).  So, Steven has been dutifully preparing DS230s (Visa applications for both kids.  It is a requirement that we send those to the consulate ahead of time), and all our travel information sheets.

Being back in school with thirteen hours of coursework is helping me stay busy.  I am glad for the distraction.   How do people wait four years or more for their adoption?  Wow, that would kill me!  It will have been about a year from start to finish with our adoption.  I could not imagine waiting three more at this point.  However, adoption has been in our heart for over eight years.  So, in some respects, I feel like I have been waiting EIGHT years for this adoption to take place!  But God has His own timing and knows what is best.  I have story upon story about how our adoption has worked out….and then we decided to adopt Meng…everything for her worked out beautifully…we were not sure how it was all going to work together, but because of God’s hand on it, it has just been beautiful!  Perfect!  Thank you God!

I have a few more pictures of Meng when she was a baby to two years old.  I will share with you in the slideshow below.  I joined a group of families on yahoo that adopted from the same orphanage.  Since Meng is four years old, she is pictured in many of the photos.  I was so happy to have these from her early childhood.  So, as you are here waiting with me, enjoy these pictures.  We have not heard from Alex’s orphanage.  In July, he was moved for the third time to a different orphanage.  They combined two different orphanages in Jiujiang.  I believe there are between 400-700 children at that orphanage.  I have no updates or pictures of him.  I wish I did.  I wonder how my baby is doing.  I sent him a birthday cake about two weeks ago and have not even gotten a picture…a “BOO” or anything.  Meng should have received her package last week.  I am hoping to get pictures of that soon.  She is in a small rural orphanage and they takes LOTS of pictures!  In fact, when they received word that she was being adopted, they took pictures of her and sent them to the lady who coordinated the care package.  So, I have some that are as recent as two weeks ago!  Also, the two of her in the lime green shirt, were taken anywhere from two weeks to a month ago.  The baby in the middle is being adopted by a family in Texas.  She saw that were adopting Meng and sent me these two pictures.  What a treasure!

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One Response to Waiting…again…

  1. KT says:

    It looks like things are moving along for you. I hope you get to travel soon. I’m sorry you don’t have any new updates on your little Alex. As a mom who has been waiting over four years for my first child, I can tell you that it’s been possible only through faith in Christ, knowing He has a plan for me and trusting it. I wouldn’t have my daughter now if it wasn’t for the long, long wait.

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