Care Packages to China

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When we received news last Thursday that we were getting our official referrals Fedexed to us and that we would have them in our hands Friday, I immediately got online and paid for the care packages I had picked out to send Alex and Meng.  We could not send the care packages until the official LSCs were issued.  We used Ann at redthreadchina.  She is sooooo good!  It takes a little bit of time to purchase the items, contact the orphanage to let them know they are coming (so they won’t reject the package), and ask for pictures if they are willing to share any.  Ann sent me updated pictures of Meng her orphanage decided to share.  She must not have heard from Alex’s because we have not gotten any from his.  Although, Alex is in a MUCH bigger orphanage than Meng.

Anyway, Ann lives in China and she does all the shopping for you.  If you send a package from here in the U.S., the recipient has to pay a tax upon receipt. So, it is just easier for Ann to send it in China.  Many times orphanages will reject the package because they cannot pay for the duty tax.  Ann packages it in local China mailers so the orphanages can accept them.  She is also arranging for a cake to be delivered to Alex because his birthday was on the 8th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!

In the package is many pictures of our family, I also sent Alex and Meng pictures of each other, toys, a set of clothes, a doll/teddy bear, a letter from us telling them who we are, and gifts for the nannies and candy or cookies for the other kids.

We were able to purchase these very expensive care packages through funds we raised through our tshirt and doll fundraiser.  If you helped us in that fundraiser, you are to thank!  So, THANK YOU!  Without further ado, here are pictures of some of the things we sent Alex and Meng.

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