We have an announcement to make…

In May, we saw a little girl, 3 years old, on the list and we asked our agency about her.  Our agency called us back and told us that another family had pulled her file.  We were disappointed, but we moved on and just tried to keep our eyes out for another little girl about the same age, for a possible double adoption.

Well, while we were on vacation, her file came back up on the list and our agency contacted us excited.  We had to drive into town (because we were at the beach) to get an internet connection.  Soon, emails started hitting our box full of pictures, medical records and the story of a little girl who was about to turn four.  The same little girl we looked at a month prior. 

We came home from vacation and signed a letter of intent on her birthday, 6-14.  This past Friday, not only did we receive the referral to adopt Alex, but we also received the referral to adopt Meng.  Surprise!  We are adopting two.  Here are her pictures.

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Celebrate with us!  We will be able to adopt and pick up both children at the same time when we travel later this year.  They both live in the same province.  Love Without Boundaries has written a couple of blog posts about her and you can read a little bit about here. (No, we are not naming her Pearl!)

Steven, Andrea and Vivian


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4 Responses to We have an announcement to make…

  1. Julie says:

    Congratulations on your referral. Beautiful girls!

  2. Carol says:

    I can see her and Vivi on the “catwalk” already, putting on fashion shows!

  3. Casey says:

    I am so excited for you and your family! This post brought tears to my eyes. God is so great!

  4. 4dogsandaboy says:

    I know what that wait is like, being interested and then disappointed.. But I do believe these things happen the way they are supposed to and these beautiful babies were meant to be your’s, just like my T was meant to be our’s. A very BIG CONGRATS TO YOU!!

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