We have LSC!!!!!!!!!!

Yipee!!!!!!!!!!!  Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!  YAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Our adoption agency just called, they have received our official referral and approval from China!!!  37 Days from LID!  Wow!  That has got to be a record!

So, tomorrow, I will be stalking the Fedex man for the original LSC and filling out the I800 to file ASAP!!!  The idea of November travel is becoming more and more possible!  I am so happy!  Now that we have the LSC, I am contacting Ann at Red Thread China to get together a birthday package for my baby.  He turned 3 two days ago!  She will send a cake and some other goodies, along with photos of our family. We are so happy!  We are so blessed!




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5 Responses to We have LSC!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Barb says:

    Hi Andrea! Adopting through Great Wall as well. Same timeline. Concned about our NVC letter not arriving. Can we talk?

    • perpetualrenovator says:

      Have you talked to Jessa at GWC? Here is a helpful link. My husband sent an email as suggested in this article and they emailed us right back with a copy of the case number and then, a few days later, they emailed a copy of the NVC letter. http://www.china-adoption-online.com/National-Visa-Center.html Read the directions on how to email the NVC. My husband did this as I delegated all travel paperwork to him to do..hehe.

  2. Dawn says:

    We are using Great Wall too and received our LSC today! So excited (5 weeks from PA). My email is deforest1@suddenlink.net. Would love to know how your timeline is going

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