Grant Applications, Orphan Care Packages and one more Fundraiser

What a title!  But that is what I am working on right now!  Boy this adoption journey has taken me all over the place!  From filling out paperwork for our agency, undergoing a home study, preparing a dossier, signing a letter of intent and doing all the paperwork that comes with adopting a waiting child….gosh…then when you think that is over BAM!  You are hit with a whole new round of paperwork involving filings with the USCIS that are hard to read and you can’t make heads or tails out of what you are supposed to do with the doggone form…reading all the conflicting instructions….I told Steven that was his job.

So, while Steven is figuring out what to do with the USCIS I800, I am filling out applications for grants.  The three packages I sent off last week were 60 pages EACH!  Wow!  30 some odd pages were of my tax return, 12 were my home study, then the application, reference letters, financial statements, pictures of Alex, and other misc. documents.  I have four more applications sitting here on my desk….sigh….

I am also working on a fundraiser.  I already did two, the first one netted us enough money to pay for the home study, and the tshirt one, we made enough money to send two care packages to China!  Thank God!  The first one got the whole process kicked off, now I am hope to make at least enough to cover our plane tickets.  The first fundraiser will be a silent auction on Facebook.  It will commence September 26th and conclude October 1, 2011.  In the auction are many scrapbook albums handmade by me, Scentsy warmers, a variety services and gift cards, adoption dolls, porcelain dolls, a signed poster, and other misc. items that were donated.  On that note, if anyone has a service, gift, gift card, new item they wish to donate to help bring Alex home, I would welcome such donation with open arms!  I will post the picture of the item on Facebook and let the world know that you donated the item and are helping bring our son home.

What was I talking about?  It is so late….I can’t keep up.  Oh, yes, paperwork.  This post is just to let you know that I am still here plugging along, filling out paperwork and doing everything I can to bring my sweet baby home.  Thanks for listening to me.  Don’t forget, if you have anything to donate for the auction, contact me!!!!!

Love you all.  Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!


Oh, wait, wait, wait….I didn’t talk about the care package!!!!!!!!!!  That I am excited about!  I am going to send Alex a care package as soon as my agency gives me the go ahead.  The orphanage has not been notified yet that we are adopting him.  China Centre for Adoption is still reviewing our dossier to make sure everything checks out.  Once they are finished reviewing all of our paperwork (probably sometime mid August or so), we will be notified that they are going to process the adoption, send us the official referral and we will officially start the Travel Phase of the adoption.  So….this is the care package I want to send.  The Moon Festival is a big thing in Chinese culture.  I will send mooncakes to the orphanage director and the nannies that take care of Alex.  He will also get a photo album with 20 pictures in it with captions in Chinese explaining who we are.  Also, they will get a disposable camera and take pictures of him receiving the package and pictures of the nannies and give us the camera when we pick him up.  He will also receive a bear and some other goodies.  It is a way to let him know that we are coming for him.  Since we will not travel until November or December, he will have the pictures of us and know we are coming.  The nannies will be able to show him our pictures and prepare him for our arrival.  So EXCITED!  One last thing, Thank You Dad for donating some of the money to send this package.  You gave me the money and told me to apply it where I felt best needed.  Well, this is what I am using it for!!!! Thank YOU!


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