New Post Placement Requirements from China

Lord help me, but I want to bang my head in the wall!  I am so glad that I am not a cussing person….if I put in to words they way I am feeling right now, I would singe the hair off my head….AUGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew that China had changed their homestudy and post placement requirements back in March.  They strenghthened their homestudy reporting requirements (a good thing); as well as wanting more extensive post placement (after your adoption in China and you bring your child home) reporting.  However, I did not realize how this would effect me.  I was just glad to get our home study submitted before the cutoff.

China now requires that any new family starting the adoption process, must have a home study by a Hague Accredited or COA (Council of Accreditation) adoption agency.  They also require now that six in home visits be conducted after you bring your child home.  The first visit will be one month from arriving back home from China, six months and so on.  They require eight pictures, medical records and, if they are old enough, a note from the child’s teacher about their education and well being.  All of these things are GREAT!  I am so glad that China is trying to strengthen their adoption process.

The only problem is, I live in an area of the state that has no such Hague Accredited agency.  To make matters worse, there are only four agencies in Louisiana who are Hague Accredited. Two in Baton Rouge, one in Lake Charles and one in New Orleans.  Since the post reports have to be completed IN HOME, the New Orleans agency is not an option. 

One agency in Baton Rouge requires us to undergo more training (their specific program), a new home study, and new client intake fees, etc.  That will cost us over $1,000, plus they require us to drive to Baton Rouge five Mondays in a row to attend their 10 hours of Hague Training classes from 6-8pm.  This is impossible!  Not only will Viv and I be in school, there is no way Steven can get off work at 4 five Mondays in a row.  This agency is just trying to make money.  We have already undergone our 10 hours PLUS Hague Training.  The lady told me she didn’t care, she didn’t know what we had already undergone and they wanted to make sure we were properly trained…sigh…I don’t have time to go through another round of Hague Training just because they don’t feel we were properly trained the first time!  Ridiculous!

The other agency in Baton Rouge has never completed post adoption reports.  It is new to them and they are not sure if they are going to do it or not.  That’s nice.

That leaves the joint in Lake Charles…who does not return my calls or emails….

AUGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, what do you do when you live in a state with only four accredited agencies?  What do you do when you live in a part of the state that has limited resources??????  Stupid Alexandria.  Stupid Hague.

I am hoping that other agencies will see that their business will be severely limited because they cannot help facilitate adoptions in Hague Convention Countries.  Maybe this will make them get on the ball and get accredited.

Right now I am just frustrated!    To be honest with you, I would not even care or worry about the post adoption reports…but, our agency makes us put up a retainer of $2,000 and every time we do not complete our post placement report requirements, they fine us and deduct it from the retainer.  We have to complete all of our 6 reports, then they will refund us the retainer. 

What’s a person to do?

Thanks for listening me complain.

I am going to make dinner now.



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3 Responses to New Post Placement Requirements from China

  1. Carol says:

    So happy to read prayers were answered and this was resolved for you guys!

    • perpetualrenovator says:

      Me too! The only bad thing is, it is going to cost another $2,100 up front! That puts our expenses up to the 30k mark…wow…but, what can you do? It is a requirement.

  2. Carol says:

    No worries. Everything else has been there every step of the way. God promises to do His part if you do your grain of a mustard seed part, which I know you are! Speaking to the mountains to be removed and cast into the sea!

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