We have LID!!!!

Yay!  July 5, 2011 is our Log in Date.  Our Dossier has been received and registered in China at the CCCWA.  We should receive our official referral or LSC in the next 2-4 months and should travel approximately 6 months from the July 5th date, so approximately January 5th is when we will be traveling.  I am following 2 other couples that are slightly ahead of us in the process.  One couple traveled within 5 months and the other couple is about to do the same.  So, I am praying that our referral has mightly swift wings on it and that we are able to complete ours in 5 months as well!!!

So exciting to see things starting to happen!



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Preservationist, lover of all things old, scrapbooker, mom and wife. Questions? Email me at: Awarren1802@gmail dot com
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2 Responses to We have LID!!!!

  1. Trena Irby says:

    I love her room. wall color is perfect with her bedding. Plus big floor to play on. Love Love Love it.

  2. Deanna Hubbard says:

    Congratulations! We are exactly two months behind you in the process. Our LID is 9/5/11. So I am very interested in seeing how your timeline progresses! We were expecting to travel somewhere between mid-March and end of May. But if our timeline follows yours, we might be in China in February! Oh my goodness! This is our third adoption from China (all through GWCA), but the excitement is the same. Can’t wait to hold our little girl in our arms!


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