Vivian’s Bunkbeds and Wall Art

I hate bunkbeds.  Did I mention….that I hate bunkbeds?  Lol.  Vivian has been after me for a bunkbed for some time now.  A friend of mine gave me a bed and when I brought it home, I realized it was a bunkbed.  Vivian just HAD to have it.  So, I painted it white and put it in her room.  It does give her more space.  Not that I am ungrateful, I am SO thankful to my friend for giving me this bed!!!  I am just a very visual person and I like pretty things.  There is just something inelegant about a bunkbed…I much preferred her 100 year old cast iron ornate bed….kids these days…

So, here is her new bed.  We bought the matching comforter and Disney sheet set Vivian already had for future sister or for friends to sleep over.  We are preparing to “one day” adopt sister.  It has been Vivian’s dream to 1) have a sister; 2) share her room with her sister. 

The wall art is scrapbook paper we cut out in the shape of a dress.  The tulle around the waste is the sash and I think we glued a flower at the top of the neckline.  Vivian was thrilled.  For the two small square canvases we bought, we will cut out a purse for one; and shoes for the other.  I think I have a template on my Cricut.

Vivian has not seen her new room yet.  I can’t wait for her to get back.  For now, I need to go help Steven assemble furniture.  We bought two shelves for Vivian’s room, a dresser, and a bed for Alex.  When I get everything arranged and put together, I will take pictures for the final Ta Da effect.

Happy Thursday Everyone!



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Preservationist, lover of all things old, scrapbooker, mom and wife. Questions? Email me at: Awarren1802@gmail dot com
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2 Responses to Vivian’s Bunkbeds and Wall Art

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  2. Carol says:

    I can see Vivian and Meng in there now!

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