Alex’s Wall Art

The stuff

I couldn’t make up my mind whether I wanted to do Alex’s room in animals or trucks and planes.  I looked around for wall art that would go with his room color.  His current room is Jamaican Sky or some other such name.   I will give you a hint: Vivian picked it out.  She loved it when she was in that room.  It is a bright aqua.  The wall art I had in there I made myself.  It was huge polka dotted zebra and frogs on lily pads.  It has a girly tint to it since I used a lot of pink.  So, I couldn’t reuse those for Alex’s room.

After seeing some neat vintage posters, I decided to go with trucks and planes.  Then, one day, I was flipping through my Cricut cartridge booklet and found a whole bunch of planes, trucks, cars, etc. that I could cut out on my die cut machine. 

Die Cuts

The Canvases

Thus the idea was born.  Viv and I went to Michaels and bought acryllic paint and a pack of 7 square canvases.  5 for Alex’s room and 2 for Vivian’s room. I started out by painting the canvases. The orange paint said “Harvest”. I think that orange is anything BUT Harvest. It is more like “Neon Traffic Controller Vest” orange. Now that it is all done, I wish I would have used red instead of the orange. I bought red, but…oh well.


I decoupaged the die cuts onto the canvases and voila! Instant art. Took me an hour to do. Now I look like an indian dressed in war paint….

Ta da!

I thought this one came out cute


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One Response to Alex’s Wall Art

  1. Carol says:

    Love them! You did an amazing job!

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