Copying our dossier
Helping me sort and staple

I thought I would feel relief when I put that multi page document in a Fedex envelope and sent it off to our agency…but I almost felt like I was putting a piece of me in the box and mailing it away.  Wow, that was really hard to do!  This dossier has been my baby for 6 months.  I have micromanaged it, copied it, made calls about it…and now I stuffed it in a big envelope and am sending it away….to my agency.  I think part of the problem is, I have micromanaged it myself for so long, to put it in an envelope and give someone else control over it…wow, that was very hard to do!  But, I have full faith in my agency.  Our wonderful dossier consultant went over documents with me this morning over the phone to make sure I had everything ready.  I got the thumbs up and sent it on to her.  She will review it tomorrow morning when she gets it and will make sure it gets into the overnight shipment to China.  She said that China will receive it Monday and will put it on the fast track since we are adopting a waiting child.  It will take China approximately 2 weeks to 30 days to translate it and give us a log in date (LID).  Now, the waiting starts again.  We will wait at least 3 months from now to receive the official referral or LSC from China verifying that they will allow us to adopt Alex.  Things won’t heat up again until we get that LSC (3 months from now approximately).

So, in the meantime, I have to find a Hague Accredited Social Worker to do our post adoption reports.  China’s new post adoption requirements include sending them 6 reports: at one month post adoption; 6 months; 12 months; 2 years, 3 years and 5 years.  They want to make sure their program is working as it should and that the children they place are happy in their new homes.  The home study social worker we used is not Hague accredited.  China changed their requirements in March of this year, after our home study was completed.  So they will accept our home study up until August of this year, but we will have to find someone new to do our post adoption reporting.  Steven found an agency, so we will probably call them to see if they can do it.

Another thing I am going to focus on is sending out grant applications and working on or silent auction.  Those two things will keep my busy over the next three months.  I plan on making a few mini scrapbooks to auction and am accepting donations from family, friends and businesses for any items they wish to donate.

After I Fedexed the dossier, I got in the car and told Viv “I don’t know how to feel about sending our paperwork off.  I don’t know if I should feel sad or happy.”  Viv looked at me and said “You can feel medium-well about it”.  All right then!  I feel medium-well…that about sums it up!

The second thing Vivian said today that made me laugh was, when copying our passports for the dossier, she reminded me to copy her passport and send it too.  I told her that they did not need a copy of hers.  She looked at me, eyes blazing, and said “WHY NOT?!?!”.  It made me laugh, so I said “Baby, me and daddy are adopting Alex, you are our child, you can’t adopt him.”  To that, she said: “We are ALL (making a big swooping gesture with her arms) adopting him.” With her hands landing on her hips.  I laughed again, and tried a different explanation, I said “Yes, I know honey, but we are the parents.”  She got really close to me and looked me in the eye and said “Well, I am his mini-parent.”   What do you say to her????  If I had her passport with me, I would have just copied it to end the argument.  But, I didn’t have it with me and she sure was disgruntled about the agency not needing HER passport.  Hehehe…..  That’s my Vivian!  She is already protective of him and playing the big sister.  I am so very happy about that.  She is happy (now) about bringing her brother home.  I try not to overemphasize it all the time or make her feel like we are focusing only on him.  I am careful about how much I talk about our adoption and what I say.  After being an only child for almost 7 years, I know she will have some adjusting to do.  It makes my heart feel warm, though, when she is very territorial about her brother!

Happy Wednesday everyone!



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One Response to Dossier…GONE!

  1. Tammy Roark says:

    Mandy was the same age when Katie was born and she loved being the “big sister”. Vivian will be a wonderful big sister and a big help to Mama and Daddy. Mandy did have an awful lot of “tummy aches” and other things, but her pediatrician called it an “adjustment reaction”. I look back at that time and realize that so much of my focus had to be on Katie ’cause she was an infant. But it seemed like I just turned around and Mandy was a preteen and growing up. I think you are doing a wonderful job and everything will turn out alright. I must say that Vivian’s sayings keep me in smiles. Thanks for posting.

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