Secretary of State: I-797

Ok, admittedly, this is going to be a very boring post for most. But, it is all part of the adoption process. As you know, we were thrilled to get our I797 from the USCIS last week. It came in while we were on vacation. I immediately Fedexed it to the Secretary of State. The Louisiana Secretary of State Commissions Division should be applauded. All of the paperwork I have sent them has been efficiently and timely handled. They received my Fedex yesterday midmorning, they processed the paperwork and they put the Fedex back out for delivery to me. I received it this morning! Thanks everyone at the SOS! You are great. Even when I had an issue and had to get some documents regenerated that were rejected, they were very kind about it and told me what I needed to do in order to execute them properly. They also didn’t charge me when I resent the new documents. Kudos to the La. SOS!

So, I am about to leave my house and get a money order to the Peoples Republic of China-Houston Consulate and send this Fedex off to our courier service,, for Cindy to process the I797 on a rush. I should get this back next week some time. I have been in contact with my dossier consultant at our agency. As soon as I get the I797, I am going to give her a call and we will go down the check list to make sure I have EVERYTHING, then I will send her my completed HUGE stack of paperwork. She will review it and then send it to China with the preapproval we have already for our son! Yay! I am told to expect to travel within 6-9 months of sending our dossier to China. Not exactly what I wanted to hear…I was hoping to travel by the end of the year. But, at least I have a time line to keep in mind. So….6-9 months, eh? All right! It is SOOO worth it!



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