Beach bums….

We were beach bums last week…or maybe I was the bum….Steven and Vivian swam in the ocean, built a sandcastle and took numerous walks up and down the beach. I stayed pretty much in my chair under the canopy in a big sun hat most of the time. That was so refreshing! I did get up a couple times to search for shells to decorate the sand castle and to take walks with the family. Besides that, I enjoyed keeping to my chair and taking lots of pictures. Here are some of the highlights of our week.

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My favorite things were: Vivian said that next time we go camping, we need to buy a “camper box” like some of the other people at the campground cause it has AC and a microwave! (I think she meant an RV) Lol…I guess she did not care for tent camping too much. I thought it was a blast.

Vivian handed me a pretty shell she found. I opened my hand and she laid it in my hand…it immediately sprouted legs and started to crawl! It surprised me so I shrieked and dropped it. I told Vivian that it was alive. She picked up to check it out, it sprouted legs again and she shrieked and dropped it again. Poor crab….

Vivian waded out into the ocean. She picked up something pretty and gave it to daddy…it was a JELLYFISH! YIKES!

Some dolphins swam right out in front of us. They were very close. They started to play and flip their tails on the water. Then they started jumping in and out of the water. It was beautiful! I did not catch any of it on camera.

We went to Gulf World in Panama City. Every time a child went up to the window to look in to the dolphin tank, a dolphin would come up to the glass and put his nose on the hand of the child. They almost looked like they wanted to be petted. It was so sweet.

The white crabs were very curious. They kept popping up out of the holes they dug in the sand and would come over to look at us. I have a picture of one in the slideshow. Scattered around their sand holes were shells. Vivian and I gathered shells for the sand castle. She turned to me a while later and said: Maybe these shells are the crab’s treasures and he is decorating his home! Maybe we should not take the crab’s treasures! It was really cute. We only took a few “crab treasures” home with us.

Steven found some white sunglasses and a drink cozy. He was proud of his beachcombing finds!

Vivian looked like a Baywatch extra…she ran up and down the beach…elbows flailing…all arms and legs. She had a great time. She even would wade out into the ocean with Steven. I forgot my water shoes at home and I will not wade past my waist without them. I am too scared of jellyfish and other things I can’t see. Vivian, from time to time, would come and get my hand and say “come on mama, I will show you how! There is nothing to be scared of!”. And I would reply:,”No, I don’t want to step on anything squishy!” and she would just laugh at me and then go on.

We are back home! Back to paperwork! Still waiting on our I797…maybe it will be in our mail that was held. It should all be delivered Monday. We shall see!



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