Growing pains…the good kind!

Well…me and all of my scrapbooking, crafting and sewing stuff got booted out of the spareroom.  I had a quiet little corner set up in the spare room where I would retreat and create.  Now that we have Alex on the way, we had to rearrange.  So, I got moved into the study…aka tool dumping grounds of the house.  So, we had to clean out all the tools, extra flooring, etc. and put it in the shed.  I had to buy shelves for all of my stuff.  It is a running joke in our family that I dominate three whole closets in the house! Steven built some shelves in the study closet and helped me put up some wire shelves to house my sewing machine and craft projects….books…scrapbooks…kids toys (now the study is a craft room/play room).

After I was completely moved out.  We painted Vivian’s room.  She is at Nana’s house right now and we painted while she was gone.  I hope it is a surprise to her and she does not get mad!  She probably wanted to help.  But, Steven and I painted it in under 2 hours, whereas if she “helped” it would have taken MUCH, MUCH longer.  I need to take the king size bed down and store it.  Then we will move all of Vivian’s toys and things in.  She wants to take large white canvases and decoupage dress forms and gloves to them.  It is hard to explain. She found it in a magazine and I devised a way to create it.  So, in the next couple weeks, we will be posting pictures of our art creations.

BeforeAfter...the pinky purple lavenderish (what VIvian calls it)

After...the pinky purple lavenderish (what VIvian calls it)


Next stop…Alex’s room!  Thankfully, it is already painted a surf blue.  I will touch up paint and also paint over the couple places where 2 year old Vivian wrote on the wall!!!  We have finally decided to do Alex’s room in transportation…boats, planes, trains, trucks, etc.  Trying to stick with Red, white, navy blue, orange and turquoise.  I am going to make some art for the walls. In my next post, I will show you what I have so far….this is the fun part of the adoption process!



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2 Responses to Growing pains…the good kind!

  1. Kayla Brazzel says:

    Wow, you inspire me. Can’t wait to see all the new art ideas. 🙂

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