Last Dossier Docs to China!

Can I do a happy dance?  I Fedexed the last stack of documents to MyChinaDocs which is a courier service in Houston that walks your documents through and obtains the authentication seal from the Chinese Consulate.  I received a call from Cindy today.  She received them and will be processing them next week for us.  YAY!

The very, very, very last piece of paper we are waiting on is the USCIS Favorable Determination letter.  I don’t know when we will get that.  Rumor had it that the timeline was around 60 days from the application date.  So, we are about 30-40 days out right now.  Maybe another two weeks or so…dunno.  None of this process has been an exact science.  Speaking of…I spoke…well, not really, I corresponded through email with, our waiting child supervisor at the adoption agency.  She wanted to know if we would be prepared for a match soon.  She said that China is adding a lot of files to the waiting child shared list Monday (which Monday is tomorrow in China!), and she wanted to make sure we were ok with a possible match that soon.  Of course we said YES!!!!!!!!  Hehe….so, we are just hanging out waiting to see what happens.  Of course, there may not be a little boy added to the waiting child list in our age range, or their might be other families at other agencies who were able to be matched ahead of us (I will have to write a post of this crazy locking files business…our agency stays up late on Sunday so when the list is published, they are able to match families quickly with children who match their files and pull them off the list.  It happens so fast!  It is a very interesting process…may deserve its own post!).  So, if a little boy in our age range/special needs range does happen to be added, we gave them permission to pull his file for us.  IF and WHEN this happens, I will let everyone know.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEN!  Our friends Melissa and Brian, and their lovely family, are adopting a little boy who turned one year old today!  Congrats!  I am so excited for you guys!  Can’t wait to see your little man.

Also, another friend is adopting a little boy.  His name is Max.  If you are interested in viewing items up for auction which will help bring Max home, please click here.

I am going to bed!  Had a busy weekend.  Sweet Dreams all.


PS: You would think that since these are the last documents, I would have been a little more thorough.  The courier service called me and told me I forgot to include copies of our passports…bummer!  So, I scanned them in and sent them to her.  I think I was just ready to be rid of the whole packet!  Lol…and I just Fedexed it!  But, that was an easy fix.  Those docs should be processed this week.


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