Last packet to Secretary of State

You may remember my post last month about a set of documents being sent back from the Secretary of State over a technicality.  Well, I finally was able to re-generate all of the documents, have them re-notarized (if that is a word!) and I Fedexed them to the Secretary of State yesterday.  I would like to pause here and Thank Lisa Blalock for her notary services!  She has been so kind and patient and helped us get on the right track.  THANK YOU LISA!

So, those documents should be certified and returned to me late this week or early next week.  I am going to stick them back into a Fedex envelope and send them to the consulate for authentication.  Once those are back, I will be able to put the whole dossier packet together and send to our adoption agency for review and submission to China.

The last piece of paper will be our approval from the USCIS to adopt and to travel back into the U.S. with our new son.  This paper may not arrive for another month.  But it is the last piece.  We bring the original with us to China and submit it while we are there.

I know these posts are boring.  The paperwork is boring.  But, it is all part of the process!

We are still waiting on a call to see if we have been matched.  There is no timeline on this process, but since we are open to a variety of special needs and an older age range, they feel they will match us pretty easily and soon.

Happy Tuesday everyone!



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