Finishing paperwork…possible match as soon as next week!

We are finishing the very tail end of our paperwork.  We are going to New Orleans soon to be fingerprinted by the USCIS and that will be the final piece of paper we need.  Last night, as I was leaving our church campgrounds (had to interpret for men’s conference), I noticed I had a voicemail.  It looked like a Texas area code.  So I listened to it and…guess what????  Our adoption agency called and said that we needed to call them early next week that they were ready to find a match for us.  SO WE ARE VERY EXCITED!!!! 

Steven and I initially wanted to try to log our dossier in and adopt two children within two years.  However, after talking about it, we have decided to go ahead and adopt one child, a boy, from the waiting list in China.  And then, if we do decide to adopt in another year or two, we will prayerfully consider other countries as well.  We did not want to obligate ourselves to adopt a second time from China when our life or plans could change in the next year or so.  So, we informed our adoption agency of this change and, apparently, since we want to adopt one and also a male, they have several on the waiting list that will possibly be a good fit for our family.  We are so very excited!!!!  I can’t wait until they open Monday…I will be their first caller!

Once we find a match, we can lock his file and apply to adopt him and send our paperwork to China specifically requesting to adopt him.  This makes the process go a lot quicker. 

Had to share the news!!!!



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2 Responses to Finishing paperwork…possible match as soon as next week!

  1. Carol says:

    Such wonderful news! Keep us posted!!!!! On tenderhooks!

  2. Carol says:

    It is now almost 3 pm. Been stalking page for update!!!

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