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USCIS Fingerprinting Appointment

Yay!  Steven and I received our USCIS fingerprinting appointment in the mail yesterday.  We have to be in New Orleans on 5-18 for electronic fingerprinting.  This is part of the process where they do a background check and then clear … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

We colored our annual Easter eggs today.  Our eggs took a snorkeling trip in the dye this year!  Hehehe….these were fun to make.  Vivian has a subscription to a family fun magazine and this was their featured project.  This is … Continue reading

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Secretary of State and USCIS

I am still re-generating some of the paperwork that I have to have notarized again.  I have two more documents I have to take over to the Sheriff’s office to get a new letter, then I will be ready to … Continue reading

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Documents sent back from Secretary of State over technicality

Grrrr….I received a call from our Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office.  They are rejecting five documents that an attorney notarized for me.  Here in Louisiana, when you pass the bar and become an attorney, you are automatically qualified to be … Continue reading

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USCIS- Be on the look out for our paperwork!

I am going to my bank today to get a cashier’s check to send off our USCIS paperwork.  The current wait time is 60 days!!!!!!!  SIXTY DAYS!!!!!!!!  Wow….. We have to wait on the “favorable determination” letter to come back … Continue reading

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Home Study in My Hands!

I checked the mail this morning.  Our home study is in my hands!  Yay!  Steven is sitting on the laptop right now wading through the 16 page I-800 USCIS Application that we have to send a home study with in … Continue reading

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