Cute Scrapbook Paper

I just found some cute scrapbook paper.  It is by Little Shoebox.  It is from their Oasis and Kimono line.

The only problem is, it is Japanese paper.  Do you think it would be a great no-no to use these papers to document our China trip?  I have a Pagoda Cricut Cartridge that I am excited about using.  I ordered these papers. I will have to speak with some Asian friends to make sure that I am not committing a grave sin.  I know the difference, but can you tell a difference with regard to the style of the paper?

Maybe I am thinking too much about this and need to get more coffee….just definitely do not want to offend the Chinese culture.



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6 Responses to Cute Scrapbook Paper

  1. Carol says:

    I just bought some Chinese Folk Toys material with a mint green background by Alexander Henry to make the little fellow a quilt for his Gotcha Day. There is a matching pattern with a pink background that I will go back to get if we get us a brother and a sister!

  2. Carol says:


  3. Carol says:

    Oh my! It really does look a lot a like!

    I found the paper I ordered for you at a site that has a China Heritage digiscrapping pack to download. The site looks like they do a lot with international adoptive families. She has some tips on creating Lifebooks with your children and instilling pride in their culture and some very good information. I did not get the China pack yet. Wanted you to have a look and see if it is something you can use. I thought it might be a waste since you have your Pagoda Cricut.

    Here is the digital China heritage link:

    And here is the link for the site if you want to look around and select some papers, borders, etc. This is your birthday gift. 🙂

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