Planning a House Shuffle

Or that is what I call it.  We are starting to make plans to do the move-everyone-one-room-over shuffle.  Vivian’s room is next to the master bedroom.  So, we will move Vivian one room over to the right into the middle room, the stuff that is in the middle room (All of our crafty junk, scrapbooking supplies and stuff…which includes 3 desks!!!!!!!), will get moved to the study and all of the junk we are storing in the study will have to go the shed or to Goodwill…sigh….

I am excited though.  That means I get a full room to craft in!  Yay!!!  So, I am plotting and planning that room at present.  We will have to start there.  I will have to repaint and put up some shelves and move mine and Vivian’s desks in there.  Then we will paint the middle room purple (so Vivian informs me) and move Vivian in to it.  Then we will buy new furniture for our son’s room.  Thankfully, Vivian’s room is painted aqua right now.  So that is a good boy toddler color.  I painted it that color (in small part because Vivian picked it out) and also because I thought the color would grow with her for a while.  Then she turned out to be a pink and purple girl….lol….so….. I am glad I do not have to repaint her current room though!  I am glad I picked that color initially. Here is a picture of the color. It is bright!

shelf finished

We will probably start painting the study and working on shelving in there.  Meanwhile, we still have not finished sheet rocking the laundry room.  So, our house shuffle will probably commence in late Spring/early Summer.  I am off during the summer, so this would be a good time to do it. 

Sigh…it never ends!



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One Response to Planning a House Shuffle

  1. Kayla Brazzel says:

    Oh, how many times have we done that shuffle! 🙂 Wouldn’t trade it for anything though! About to do it again, because Kami has been in our room since coming home. She will soon move in with Kens. Sadly it will be our last, but happy that they are all home.

    Wow, love the ideas you have for your craft room.

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