Cricut Cartridge: Pagoda…So Cute!

I am home today with a sick baby 😦  She has been running a fever for two days.  I am hoping (and praying!) that it is NOT the flu. 

Since I am home today, I don’t have a lot to do besides homework (who wants to do that??) and play around on the computer.  This Friday night is our church crop and I have been wanting to buy a couple new cartridges for my Cricut.  So…a friend tells me that Michaels was having a 9.99 sale.  However, everything I can find says that was at the beginning of the month.  Anyway, look at this cartridge….isn’t it awesome!!!!!!!????

Cricut Pagoda Cartridge

Pagoda Detail

Can you imagine all of the fun I would have with this cartridge?  I can already imagine the scrapbook of our future China trip and all of the heritage pages I would do for our newly adopted son.   I have got to get this!

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Hope everyone is staying warm and dry.  It is cold and rainy….bleh.



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Preservationist, lover of all things old, scrapbooker, mom and wife. Questions? Email me at: Awarren1802@gmail dot com
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6 Responses to Cricut Cartridge: Pagoda…So Cute!

  1. Carol says:

    Don’t buy it! I am a few dollars short of having earned enough to pay for one on Amazon! Will work toward getting it for your birthday!

  2. Carol says:

    I ordered and had sent to you 2 12 x 12 sheets of scrapbooking paper. One has a map of China and one is a yellow page with Chinese characters. I am told that the characters on this paper are for the following words: smile, love, peace, life, and quiet/tranquil.

  3. Carol says:

    I sent you some adoption and Chinese papers and sundry items. Happy Birthday! Hope you can use them!

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