Applying for Vivian’s passport

Steven had today off, so we took Vivian down to the main post office and applied for her passport.  Both parents have to go and show identity or get a notarized statement from one parent why they could not appear in order to obtain a passport for a minor.  I figured that if Steven had the day off, we might as well pop on by and apply for her passport.  We decided to take Vivian with us to China.  We were going to let her stay with Nana while we were in China, but, since Vivian is just as much involved in this process as we are, we thought it would be devastating to her to leave her.  It also is a great life changing experience to visit China…so…she is going!  I worry ab0ut it being very boring at different times, especially when we sit at offices for hours on end processing paperwork, travel visas, etc.  She may be getting a Nintendo DS for the trip!

Anyway, I gave the lady at the post office all of Vivian’s documents and she said “What do you call her? Abigail?”  Haha…what’s wrong with Vivian?  I told her “No, we call her by her given name, Vivian”.  She seemed a little surprised.  I wonder what she would think of our new child’s name.

On another note, I checked the Fedex tracking numbers for my return envelopes from the Secretary of State and from Georgia Vital Records.  One was out for delivery today and the other one was scheduled for delivery tomorrow.  YIKES!  I didn’t expect them back so quick, so I put my office address on the return slip.  No one is at my office at the moment.  I put a hold on both of them and will pick them up tomorrow.  I know, I know…details…mundane details.

On a less boring note…ITS CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hope you are enjoying the holidays with you and yours!  I am hoping that we will be sharing next Christmas with a new addition to our family.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!



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One Response to Applying for Vivian’s passport

  1. Kayla Brazzel says:

    I haven’t been on here in a while and was so excited to read about your dossier progress! Taking Vivian is probably the wisest thing you all could do! Kensli is the only adoption that the rest of the kids didn’t travel with us, and we had been encouraged not to bring the gang. Looking back, I wish I had!!!! I think it would have been easier for adjustment all the way around.

    Beyond excited that y’all are adopting from China!!! Can’t wait to meet your sweetheart and for Kensli to have a special bond! It will be important to them at some point that they share the same birth country and similar stories.

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