I have the week off….paperchasing here we come!

This morning, I opened my inbox and noticed Ireceived an email from Great Wall.  So, I opened it.  Its really cool.  The Dossier Team sends you an email every Monday and Thursday for four months to guide you through the dossier preparation process.  Today’s  topic was how to request birth and marriage certificates.  It has very exact information regarding the requirements of different states and what types of signatures you need to request and how to get hard to obtain birth certificates.  Very cool.

I filed this email away.  I already requested our birth certificates and marriage certificate.  I sent them off to the Secretary of State in Georgia and Louisiana to be certified at the State level already.  But, I like that I will receive emails every week for four months with detailed information on what to do, where to go, how to obtain it and where exactly you should be in the process by now.

Today, I have plans to:

1)  Go to the Sheriff’s office and pick up a letter stating that I have no criminal history;

2) Go to Walgreens and have mine and Vivian’s passport photos taken (Steven and I have our passports already, I am not sure why they require these photos.  Maybe they will use them for the child’s visa? Vivian needs a passport, we are taking her with us);

3) Make myself an appointment with my doctor to have the paperwork regarding my health filled out.

I think that’s enough for today!  We are excited! 



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