My birth certificate

Ok.  So these details may be mundane to the casual observer, but blogging them helps me keep track.  I called the Georgia Secretary of State’s office this morning and talked to the most pleasant and professional lady.  She informed me that she would not be able to put a seal on my birth certificate (even though its certified), because it needs an original signature by hand.  My birth certificate is rubber stamped with a signature.  She gave me some wonderful instructions on what I need to do (namely, send it back to Vital Records and request they have someone sign it by pen, for foreign use, and send it on to her).

I called Vital Records.  WOW!  Talk about a polar opposite.  They were so rude, would not let me finish my sentences and one lady, while I was in midsentence repeating back to her what I needed to include (because I want to get it right…they will send stuff back, for any little reason, so fast it will make your head swim), and she hung up on me while I was still talking.  Apparently she was finished with our conversation.  So, I had to call back and go through the big phone transfer to get back to her again and she was even ruder because I called her back. I did not understand what kind of signature I was supposed to request in my letter.  She was saying “pen in hand” but she said it so fast and garbled I did not know what she was saying.  I apologized to her and told her I was not understanding and could not hear her well and she treated me like an idiot (I came close to asking her to SPELL IT. If she could.  That may have been to much of a feat to accomplish so early in the morning).  I did not realize being thorough and repeating back was the sign of an idiot.  Maybe OCD, but not idiot.

Oh well, I am sending it off today.  I would ask them to send it on to the Secretary of State for the seal, but I don’t trust that they will do it.  How do I check that they did it?  So, I am just asking her to Fedex it back to me (including a prepaid Fedex envelope complete with form filled out and postage paid).  I am not even sure I will get that back.  We shall see.

***UPDATE: I actually received it back, properly signed with a Pen In Hand signature.  Who woulda thunk it?  Sending it off to Georgia Secretary of State.



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  1. Carol says:


    I know the feeling though! Especially being severely hearing impaired and unable to use my hearing aids with the phone. Try calling tech support for some company or service and you usually get someone with a strong accent that makes it even harder.

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