Daddy’s Chipmunk is Broken

Are you there chipmunk?

I laugh so hard at this little girl.  I guess I will have to clue you in on the joke so you will understand.  One day Steven and Vivian were joking around and Vivian knocked Steven in the head with her fist.  Steven said “Oww! That hurt!” and Vivian as quick as a wink said, “I wanted to know if your chipmunk was working.  He needs to wake up and get on his wheel!”  I laughed.  I asked her where she had heard that before.  She said she made it up. I was assuming she was talking about a hamster.  I am not sure where chipmunk comes from except that she LOVES Alvin and the Chipmunks. 

So, the next morning, when I woke her up, I crept into her room and I quietly tapped her on the head and said “Good morning, wake up little chipmunk, its time to wake up and get on your little wheel”.  Vivian, without opening her eyes, said “My chipmunk does not get up before she has coffee”…lol….

So, Vivian was playing with the stethoscope last night.  Melissa, a friend, gave it to her to complete her Halloween costume (she was Dr. Vivian).  Vivian wanted to hear daddy’s heart.  Then she put the stethoscope on his head and Steven asked “What are you doing that for?”  She said she wanted to know if his chipmunk was still alive.  She said, “I don’t hear him, we need to get him a new wheel”.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

So, that is our chipmunk story.



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