Celebrating the Christian Year

This sounds like an amazing book.  http://www.amazon.com/Celebrating-Christian-Year-Martha-Zimmerman/dp/1556613490

An excerpt:

“Jesus taught that His Father’s desire for us was not a religion but life. The best way to experience joy in that life is through meaningful relationships. How do relationships happen? What causes a relationship to grow? Relationships grow as people experience things together. It is psychologically true in relationships that doing things for the one you love increases your love for that person. Observing family traditions is one way to demonstrate your love for the Lord. At the same time your actions are speaking volumes to your children, and all the while the love between you and them is growing.”

Most people think that gone are the days of tradition, or what did certain things mean, does it really matter?  Should you have your own family traditions?  Does creating your own family traditions just take up more of your precious time to maintain?  All of these questions are answered in a beautiful way.  I am ordering it. Anyone want to join reading it with me?



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