Met with Great Wall Today

So, we have arrived in Austin.  We met with the wonderful Great Wall of China staff yesterday and today.  Yesterday – to get a face to face on who we would be working with.  Today – to attend the Waiting Child seminar.  I have seen so many children’s faces, heard many stories, heard from a panel of families and, more and more, Steven and I know that adopting from the Waiting Child list is just right for us. 

So, as I sit here in our hotel room in Houston (on our way back home tomorrow), I am filled with excitement and am ready to get back home to fill out our Waiting Child application to get the process a rollin’. 

To start, we have to fill out a questionnaire regarding China specific requirements to make sure that we are eligible.  Steven and I have already researched the criteria and we are fairly confident that we meet all requirements.  After that is accepted, we submit our Adoption Application, start compiling our dossier and to wait for a match, or if there is a child already on the list with needs we listed, then we may have an immediate match.

We have debated back and forth about the dossier process.  We both push paperwork for a living and since I work in an attorney’s office, I have an in-office notary, so we have decided to try to tackle the dossier ourselves.  However, after I receive the huge packet of what a dossier requires, we may change our mind 🙂  We shall see.  However, we are committed to walk the paperwork through everywhere that we can.  So far we have multiple certified copies of our birth certificates, marriage license and passports ready to go (some of the documents required in our dossier).  Our home study is a big component of our dossier, so we are anxious to get our home study started. 

Our home study is scheduled to commence on January 14th.  Steven and I have committed to holiday work so every penny of that made will be put toward our home study.

We are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Vivian is even talking about “getting” a brother now.  Lol….  A complete change of mind and heart.  Today, she was able to meet other children who were adopted and she played nintendo ds with a little girl who was the same age, 6.  Vivian was able to see some of the videos, pictures and information and all I kept hearing was “awww….”  “awwww”….”Mama, look, I want him”.  Hahaha…I wish it were that easy! 

We talked to the Waiting Child program director, wonderful lady.  You should see how much they advocate for these kids.  It is truly touching.  The director said that there are so few girls on the Waiting Child list.  Girls are adopted faster than boys.   In China, boys have the responsibility of carrying on the family line and to also support their family and their parents.  So, when a male child is born with a special need, sometimes he is abandoned.  Also, I understand, in China when a child is special needs and not perfect, they are considered to be….umm….trying to find a delicate word….not mentally capable.  Most of the children on the list have minor special needs and sometimes due to being a little older 2 years or more, they stay on the list.  We hope to change that for one little tyke.  Thank you for all of your support and good wishes.  We appreciate all of you!



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