The sweetest thing…

Vivian's Chinese Word Library

So, we have been discussing our adoption plans a lot lately.  We are meeting with our agency and taking classes this weekend.  We started talking about changing our mind and adopting a girl first, close in age to Vivian, and then adopting a boy later.  Steven is favorable either way.  He said it does not matter to him.  So, we asked Vivian if she would like a little sister first…..she was so very excited!  She said, login to your account mommy, let’s start looking for a little sister! (She meant my waiting child listing account).  So, I logged in and she immediately started scouting out girls who were between 4-6 years old…so sweet.  She would make me stop and scroll back and read about the little girl.  Next thing I know, she has a paper in hand and asks me “how do you say hello in Chinese?”  I told her “Ni hao”.  She immediately wrote it down.  Then she said, “I need to learn this so I can talk to my sister.  How do you say Goodbye?”  Well, that one I did not know, so I looked it up on a talking dictionary.  She pressed the button to listen to how some of the words and how they are pronounced while scribbling them down on her paper pad.  So, so, so sweet.  This is the reason God invented kids.  I love my baby girl. 

So far she knows hello, goodbye, ok, yes and no.



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