Adoption classes and meeting with the agency

We have been corresponding with an agency that Steven and I both like.  They have been sooooo nice!  We went ahead and applied to the Waiting Child list.  There are so many children on the list that we look at and say “that child could be my son”.  We are scheduled for classes on December 4th and we are going to sit down with the agency, the day before, and hash out the details and possibly sign the adoption agreement.  We want to meet with the agency face to face and ask some questions before we sign the fee agreement.

We almost have our homestudy worked out.  The lady we really wanted to use is willing to do the study.  We just have to get all of the appropriate paperwork filled out that the agency requires.  We don’t want a hiccup down the road where we paid $1,200 for a homestudy that we cannot use!  Yikes!  So, we are patiently waiting for this process to happen. 

In the meantime, we have ripped out our kitchen and are adding a laundry room.  We are trying to get this done soon 1) because we want to have people over for Christmas dinner; 2) because I want it finished before our home study starts.  For pictures of this fun, you can visit our house blog at:

Fundraising has been slow.  I have to admit, I am not sure really where to start.  I have some great ideas, but have not been able to really get the train on the tracks.  I am hoping that after the holidays, things will be less busy around here and I will be able to focus on this aspect of the adoption.  So many people have offered to help…I just don’t know where to start!  HA!  Maybe we should have a meeting of the minds.  Our only goal is to raise $1,200 for the home study.  We have raised $120 so far. 

Well, off to do homework…yay! 



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