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This seems to be the hardest part….the wait.  We are still working towards our goal of saving for the home study.  We contacted the lady who will do it, we have some issues to work due to her changing employment.  The adoption agency did not know she changed employment, so apparently, this changes her contract status…or something along those lines.  Since the holidays are approaching, we are just going to sit back and enjoy them.  Usually the most hectic time of year, but we are trying to lay low this year and have some fun! 

I continue to get pictures and stories of children who meet our criteria.  I am ready to adopt!   I wish everything else was in place so we could.  Would it not be nice to have a two child family by Christmas?  The wonder and the joy on the face of our newly adopted child……hopefully, by next Christmas, this will be a reality.

Thank you for the continued well wishes and support!  It is ALLLLL appreciated!  I am trying to finish up a semester of college, remodel the kitchen, plan for the holidays and be mommy and wife too.  It is tiring.  But, I am not complaining!  I would not have it any other way!

In fact, this weekend is Halloween.  Vivian had strep throat all week, but was able to return to school today.  I walked in to hand over the doctor’s excuse to the secretary.  Everyone was dressed up in the Halloween costumes.  They looked me over trying to find a theme, I told them I was dressed up as “tired mommy” today.  Hahaha…they got a kick out of that.  The one thing I miss about working at a school is to be able to do what the kids do…dress up at Halloween, wear crazy socks and funky hats…I unearthed my teddy bear sweater.  I will have to give it up.  HA!  It is so outdated and not anything I would wear in public!  I only wore it to school because the kids loved it. 

So….off to the weekend!  Vivian decided she wanted to be a Vet for Halloween.  I am impatiently waiting for the package to arrive right now.  I was supposed to have it earlier this week and, due to a delay, it is coming today.  This is making me bite my nails…talk about last minute!  But, where else but online can you find a pint sized lab coat?  I even had them stich her name on it.  It says Dr. Vivian.  She is going to flip out!  I can only imagine what kind of behavior this coat will spark.  I see myself saying “AHHHH”  a few times in the future.  I asked a friend to borrow a stethoscope.  Vivian is going to be a cute Vet.

Back to work!  Have a happy weekend!



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